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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 4.2.2
  • Date Updated: 2011-05-12
  • Developer: Kakao Corp.

KakaoTalk 4.2.2 Free Download

Freeware: This program is free software

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KakaoTalk is a communication application for the android mobile phones and has been ranked number one within the communication category. You can use it to send and receive multimedia messages (photos, videos, contacts etc). All the user has to do is to enter his phone number and he is good to go. These are the key features of the application:

Group chat and one to one chat can be done anywhere and with anyone you choose to from your mobile phone.

Language support is present for English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean languages. There are more to come for the users as development goes further.

If you need to find a certain person on your mobile phone and chat with him or her, just type the name directly in the friends menu and you can find him without having to look manually.

Your special friends can be registered into the system so you are able to find them on the fly when you need to with the help of the friends menu.

You can use the group chat feature with all your friends from the phone and you can talk with as many as you want at once.

Besides texting, you can also share multimedia files directly with your friends. The multimedia files can be viewed, sent or shared right after they are taken by the users.

You can have KakaoTalk register your friends automatically using their mobile phone numbers. This way you do not have to search for people every time you want to say something to them.

Friends IDs can also be helpful as you can add them even if you do not know their phone numbers. This way you have multiple choices when you want to find people on the phone and talk to them.

While you chat with someone, you can automatically add another friend automatically if you want to and the conversation will be transformed into a group chat directly with everyone seeing what is being discussed.

Every friend will have a mini profile attached to their number, this way you will be able to see his or her photo, set him up as a favorite, chat with him and even call him directly.

When you enter your KakaoTalk program , you can setup a password login for it so all your information will be safe from other people that may be accessing the phone without you knowing it.

When you chat with someone you can setup a custom background that can vary from love themes to various nature images.

Friends list can be imported and exported as many times as you want to, this way assuring you that you will have the list even if you decide to change the phone or the number.

All your chats and records can be kept on a single file and sent over the email if something happens to them.

Enjoy free group or one-to-one chats anywhere in the world

Kakaotalk picked as Google Android Market Top Developer!

Stable service supporting more than 18 million users

Ranked No. 1 free communication application in the Android Market

Group chat with unlimited number of friends

Voice note playable with any Android or iPhone operating software

Feature to add friends with their IDs as well as with their phone numbers

KakaoTalk is a phone number based messenger service that allows iPhone and android users anywhere in the world to chat one-to-one or in a group for free. (no SMS service)

You are instantly notified of message arrivals by Push Alert and you can send various multimedia such as pictures, videos, and contact telephone numbers.

Enjoy KakaoTalk with your friends, colleagues, and family and experience the world of multimedia chatting.

Latest New Feature List

1. KakaoTalk emoticons which can be used both in iOS and Androids

2. Custom alert sounds

3. Voice note feature added

KakaoTalk is called kakaotalk, katalk, , , , . (However, Cocoatalk, Cacaotalk, and Kokoatalk are all misspelled names.)

More group chat members than whatsapp, Skype, google disco, Beluga of Facebook. More Android app users than kik messenger, ebuddy, MSN, yahoo messenger and AIM. Follow Twitter @kakaotalk.

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No special requirements

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KakaoTalk_Setup.exe exe 14.06MB 4.2.2 32 bits Windows 8 Download
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